More and more companies are having to deal with the affects of staff who need lengthy periods of time off work, this is mainly due to their suffering of severe or chronic stress related conditions that have physical or non physical symptoms. The direct costs that your business may already be incurring or already have can be large. But the indirect cost are often invisible and considerably bigger.

  • Additional costs due to hiring and training temporary staff
  • Physical and Emotion Strains because of additional workload to compensate missing staff
  • Loss of talent/skills for the duration of absence
  • Pay for unproductive staff who are on long term sick
  • Risk of Litigation if your company is responsible for employees conditions
  • Increased insurance premiums Loss of productivity
  • Increase in Mistakes & Errors
  • Effectiveness in Leadership and Communication

At GN Coaching we understand how unsettled this period can be for both the business and the person who is unfit to work. Our founder Geoff Nicholson is a former sufferer of a long term stress related condition, he has worked with individuals from around the world who have suffered chronic conditions and needed to be on long term sick but are desperate to return back to normality.

Our Level 3 programs are designed to support you to get your staff who are suffering from long term stress related conditions back to work as quickly as possible in a way that benefits your business and employees who need to be healthy and fully functional in a working environment. To assist you in achieving this we have created two distinctive formats.

Option 1: This is a very intensive program especially at the beginning of the course and has a strict application process in order to make sure that participants are suitable, it involves a longer term support strategy which can easily be integrated into a structured return to work program that your occupational health and HR departments may of created. Over the years we have found that especially for severe stress cases the best results are achieved when the highly immersive program is spread over a two day period and then followed by a structured six month support which gives people the confidence that helps is only a phone call or an email away.

Option 2: This is a more traditional approach and focuses on regular 1:1 coaching sessions to support the participants to deal with situations and develop those core resilience skills they require to builds confidence and effective coping strategies for returning to work.

Please contact us to discuss how these programs can assist your company.