This 1 day workshop is perfect for inductions and educating staff at a general skills level. This fun and engaging workshop covers all the techniques delegates will need to feel confident in dealing with day to day challenges they may experience and enjoy a higher level of resilience.

The workshop is split into 2 parts, the morning focuses on the core skills from identifying the symptoms of stress and developing a stronger resilience, this is achieved via interactive discussions and exercises, during the afternoon we use real scenarios that delegates bring with them or we are able to use examples that are presented to us via your organisation, they are broken in to groups and then brought back for a whole group discussion to assist the groups learning.

You can also have additional features that you may feel is required to assist your workforces understanding and implementation.


1:1 Coaching: This addition is a great way for participants to discuss more personal or confidential issues that they feel needs to be addressed in order for them to deal with stress and build resilience. It also is a great way to assess their progress and assist them should they need any additional support. Attendees can arrange a suitable date and time via our online appointment system and it can be done via phone or Skype.

Online Support: At GN Coaching we aim to assist our clients in developing a set of skills that they can use for the rest of their lives, we understand that there are times where people just wants to access relevant information in their own time and absorb it at their own pace, to assist them we have an online program called Stress IQ™ Online, this program contains videos and exercises for building resilience and managing stress. Your staff will also have access to a private forum which is only accessible to employees of your organisation.

The Stress IQ™ workshop is a great way to support your staff in learning about Stress Management and Resilience techniques and how stress can effect them on a daily basis, the workshops can be delivered in both a half and full day format at your location, therefore making it easy for you staff to check in with there departments during the breaks. The program has been designed to effectively deliver educational, fun and relevant information which can be put into effect immediately by your staff to reduce the negative effects of stress. 

Your workforces will learn how to improve there performance, productivity and communication because they will have a valuable set of tools that will have a positive impact on them both at work and at home therefore they will increase there overall morale as well. Here are just some of the topics that will be covered in the training program 

  • What is Stress
  • The importance of having a high Stress IQ™
  • The difference between good and bad stress
  • Learning to rapidly change the way you feel
  • Building confidence
  • The power of Language
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Increasing productivity and performance
  • Developing Effective Communicate Skills
  • Increase concentration and creativity
  • Authentic Self Leadership
  • Building Awareness & Resilience
  • Increasing Motivation and Momentum 
  • Improving personal and team morale

The program incorporates the knowledge I we have gained in working with hundreds of groups all over the world and also the programs designer Geoff Nicholson's own personal experience that you can find more about in the section of about Geoff.

 We understand the serious debilitating effects that severe stress can cause and I have dedicated my time to making sure that I deliver a program that delivers effective strategies to overcome and reduce stress in peoples lives, which will deliver a massive return on investment when the staff implement the techniques that I will teach them.

To find our more about the program and how it can have a massive positive impact on your company email the team and they will be ready to assist you.

This program is available in UK, Europe, Canada