Feeling Overwhelmed, Frustrated, and Stressed.

Learn the secrets to increase your confidence, performance, health, wellbeing and get more things done in less time at our fantastic workshop

Join me on the 9th July 

Geoff Nicholson is an international specialist in the field of stress management and human potential development. He has helped hundreds of people all over the world to combat stress and regain control of there lives, being a trained therapist and coach, he combines these skills uniquely with his personal experience of a debilitating stress related illness that caused him to be bed bound for a year sleeping twenty hours a day and a further four years house bound.

During this workshop you will learn how to quickly and effectively identify and reduce the stress in your life.

So if your ready to take control of your life, increase your confidence and introduce more balance to your life then I look forward to seeing you at our workshop.

The Event will be held on the 9th July at Yours Business Networks and will start at: 09:30 (with registration beginning from 09:00) and will end at 13:00 during which there will be refreshments for you to enjoy.

Get your ticket here, there are limited spaces available.


On the day we will cover:

  • What is Stress
  • The difference between Negative and Positive Stress
  • Identifying your Stressors
  • Rapidly Change your States
  • Preparing for Situations 
  • The Power of Language
  • Being aware of your environments
  • Developing a Stress IQ
  • Creating a Vision and living with Purpose

and so much more

Your investment for this fantastic event is only £57 (Normally £97)



Stress IQ™ Platinum Retreats

At GN Coaching we strive to create the right environments to ensure you get the results you desire, we have found that for many high performers it is vital to have the right surrounds so you can concentrate on the task at hand and minimise the distractions people demand of you.

We have created a series of exclusive retreats to assist you in being able to take that valuable time to develop and create your Stress IQ™ so you can achieve that balance between health, performance, business and family. When you come to one of our first class retreats which are always set in a luxurious location you will be part of a small group of individuals who have gone through an application process to make sure they are suitable for the program.

The locations range from private castles to deluxe spa hotels and the core focus of the program is to train you in effective strategies and techniques so you can function effectively as an authentic leader of yourself and others, achieve a performance that does not have a detrimental effect on your health and the people that matter around you.

For more information regarding these fantastic experiences please contact us today….