The statistics are staggering on how stress affects our health; some studies show that as high as 70% of visits to the local doctor are stress related conditions, 70% to 80% of migraines are linked to stress. This is no secret that stress effects us like this, we know that stress also exacerbates or even can be at the root of some cancers, heart and autoimmune conditions. Stress effects our mental state and can cause depression, anxiety, low self esteem and many more limiting factors that affect our performance within the workplace and at home.

A stressful workforce no matter the size of your organisation will have a serious effect on your business, with the costs incurred of having staff needing to take time off work due to illness and the additional costs that your company will have needing to recruit temporary staff can be massive and very time consuming for the department mangers and team leaders.

At GN Coaching we believe that by educating your staff with time tested stress management techniques you will be able to reduce this cost dramatically, our Stress IQ™ in-house training programs are designed to support your organisation in creating an effective, happy, healthy and productive workforce, we can also sit down and work with your managers and department heads to become more effective in understanding and identifying the signs and effects of stress so they can deal with the situation in the right way and get the correct support required for the individual.

Just imagine what the benefits to your companies’ bottom line could be when you have happier, healthier staff and a reduction in absenteeism.

Call today and arrange a call to see how we can support you in making long lasting positive change in your organisation.

Boosting Staff Performance

For your business to be profitable and effective in your specific market, you need to make sure the force behind that efficiency is working at it most optimal level of performance. Your staff play a key part to your companies success, but there are so many things that can dramatically alter the way your departments and teams work.

“Some studies have found that when stress and individuals cognitive ability can be reduced by over 40%”

Being in a stressfull environment is one sure way to decrease your organisations ability to do their jobs efficiently, stress can change many things in a person including creativity, concentration and productivity, work stress causes staff to make costly mistakes and reduces their ability to communicate. If your company is suffering from what we would call a low Stress IQ™ you may be suffering from low morale and reductions in staff retention not to mention the true impact it will be having on your businesses performance and productivity

“The happier and more positive the workforce, the healthier and more productive the staff and business”

By taking a proactive stance and training your staff with effective strategies and techniques you give them the tools to be able to reduce stress and reap the positive benefits in the workplace and their personal lives.

Call us today and speak to a Stress IQ consultant and coach to see how they can assist your business and staff reach true potential.

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