When a member of staff is off on long term sick leave due to stress related conditions, it is vital that they are given the time to heal, having said that, it is also vital that they are given the support and structure that are realistic to their progression in returning to work.

GN Coaching have worked with many individuals from all over the world who have been off work because of stress related illness, some have had been asked by their insurance companies to work with us to make sure they return to work quickly and safely.

Our number one priority is making sure that the person we are assisting to get back to work, returns safely and gradually with the knowledge and skill set that provides them with the relevant tools and life skills that they will be able to deal with stress effectively.

Everyone is different with regards to how long it takes to return to work, it is not a matter of one glove fits all, in fact it is vital their return to work plan is bespoke and that the individual has access to regular contact to make sure that they are moving in the direction of health. We have worked with people who have returned back to a staggered work week within months to some that have taken much longer. Many of our previous clients prior to working with us had been ill for many years so we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in this field, in fact our owner and lead consultant Geoff Nicholson personally experienced this type of illness and was ill for in total of six years. His first experienced combined with the knowledge he has as a certified coach and therapist has lead him to create our program Stress IQ™ which we believe is the evolution of stress management. Reducing the return time to return back to work is vital to you as a company but it is also key for the individual who is ill, because they are unable to live a normal life, at the negative spiral that these people can get trapped in can only be broken once they understand why this has happened and what they can do to sort it out, this program is based on building self awareness and self reliance that they can deal with the situation quickly and effectively.

Why not book a consultation with us today and let’s get your staff back to work quicker and create a healthy happy and productive individual.