As a business your primary focus in making sure your company enjoys a healthy profit, at GN Coaching we believe it important for you to understand the true cost that stress can have within your business and assist you in teaching your staff the strategies and techniques to reduce stress and increase their resilience.

Sickness Absences:

Stress plays a key role in short term and long term absences and may be the single biggest cause of frequent short term illness particularly to non physical conditions but it also can be associated in many physical complaints too. In fact because of the way stress suppresses our immune systems and leaves you susceptible to illness, stress can be attributed to around 80% of lost working days.

Based on a CBI Survey a company with average levels of sickness absences is probably loosing the equivalent of 3% annual turnover (based on direct costs of salary and temporary staff, indirect costs are high too and will be equal to even greater then the direct costs)

Litigation & Employer Liability:

A growing cost to companies is the cost of legal action taken against them by employees who can prove personal injury as a result of pressure at work and over the last few years there have been an increase in litigations. It is estimated that their are over 2500 stress related claims at some stage in the litigation process. The costs of employee legal actions are usually further compounded by the additional costs of insurance premiums.

Staff Turnover:

Along with sickness absence, high rates of staff turnover are one of the clearest organisational signs of stress, their is also a high level of costs incurred because of the training that is required for new staff not to mention the loss of an employees skills, experience and intellectual capital that can sometimes be hard to replace.


Stress can be a massive cause of accidents within your organisation, the direct cost of an accident is obvious: the time taken to deal with it; the absence from work; damage done to a machinery and stock; compensation payments to name a few. In addition their are also the costs that may be incurred such damage to your reputation and possible risk of losing customers.

Many of the above issues can be reduced when staff learn and use stress management and resilience training

As a company you want to make sure that your business is performing at its most optimal level, whether it be in your sales, marketing, manufacturing or customer services department it is vital that all the key areas with in your business are working like a well oiled machine.

Organisations invest heavily in making sure they have the most up to date software and equipment to make in order to maintain their competitive edge and making sure they stay profitable, staff frequently need to be trained to make sure they are able to get the most out of these systems.

One key area that is often overlooked yet can have a massive impact on your businesses is the mental health of your staff and how their wellbeing has a direct correlation between their productivity, performance and a companies profitability this is because your workforce is an intrinsic part for your organisations success.

In some studies it has shown stress can effect productivity by over 40% not to mention the effects it also has on your workforces

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Morale

All of these things can lead to: 

  • Costly Mistakes
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Reduction in Sales
  • Loss of Business
  • Increased Absenteeism
  • Reduced Staff Retention

Studies have shown time and time again that a positive and happy workforce is a productive one, this leads to improved communication between departments, reducing costly mistakes and increasing morale which will lead to more friendlier relaxed staff, healthier environments which will have a positive impact on your sales, customer services and leadership teams.

There are many ways that stress can affect you and your workforce, but they tend to arise from three core categories, it is vital that you learn to look for the signs so you can deal with the stress before it creates the destructive negative cycle that long term stress can cause. I think it’s really important that you understand that stress is not a sign of weakness, everyone will suffer from stress, the problem arises when you or a member of staff lacks the resources to deal with the stress that is occurring. In fact it is been our experience that the majority of our clients are without doubt in the high performers category, because they are very focused on achieving high levels of success they stack massive amounts of pressure upon themselves and find it very difficult to not offer assistance and support to their colleagues which can lead to a detriment to their own health.

Be aware of the following areas:

Behavioral Symptoms:

  • Irritability
  • Aggression
  • Signs of social isolation
  • Change of eating habits
  • Sleeping to much or to little
  • Less co-operative
  • Less Sociable
  • More accident prone
  • Effects the personal/family roles
  • Out of work life starts to be affected
  • Self medication
  • Increase consumption of alcohol, tobacco, tea/coffee and/or drugs
  • Nervousness

Physiological Symptoms

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Stomach disorders
  • Raised blood pressure
  • Changed sleeping patterns
  • Muscle spasms Back/Shoulder/Neck pains
  • A sense of feeling unwell
  • An unwillingness to work

Psychological Symptoms

  • Feeling of being under threat
  • Anxiety
  • Tension
  • Irritability
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Forgetfulness
  • Effects concentration
  • Lethargy
  • Boredom
  • Depression
  • Insecurity
  • Disengagement
  • Powerlessness
  • Isolation

Stress is an evolutionary automated response to life threatening danger, however in our modern society the same response can be activated through everyday things like worrying about our bills that need to be paid, traffic jams, family issues to many other aspects in life which are emotional and environmental. If you or any member of staff seem to be suffering these issues over a long period of time then we would suggest you contact us or speak to your local doctor, as you may need support in stress management and getting your systems back to a healthy balance.

Work place Stress

Work place stress may be the single most important issue effecting your business today, the World Health Organisation has deemed stress as a worldwide epidemic, yet so many people still underestimate the massive negative effects it has within their business no matter what size the company or departments are. 

That statement highlights how important it is for you and your organisation to take a proactive approach to reducing and managing the effects that stress has within your business, it is key to identify stress as quickly as possible before it gets out of control.

Companies all over the world are faced with the same challenges every day. You need to make sure that those members of staff who are on long term sick leave because of stress related illness are getting back to work faster, safer and healthier but one of the aims of your business should be about reducing absenteeism, because it is easier to support staff before they reach a state of burnout, once they reach this point it can become costly to both the organisation and the individual themselves in more than a financial way. Remember, together we must ensure that Stress within the workplace and stressful staff are reduced to make life healthier and more productive.

At GN Coaching are mission is to support your business in boosting staff performance as well and increasing the productivity and wellbeing which creates a win win scenario for your staff and your organisation, your staff’s morale will increase and a happy company is a productive and successful company.   So take action today and arrange a call with us to see how we can assist you to be even more successful. Wishing you the Greatest Success

When a member of staff is off on long term sick leave due to stress related conditions, it is vital that they are given the time to heal, having said that, it is also vital that they are given the support and structure that are realistic to their progression in returning to work.

GN Coaching have worked with many individuals from all over the world who have been off work because of stress related illness, some have had been asked by their insurance companies to work with us to make sure they return to work quickly and safely.

Our number one priority is making sure that the person we are assisting to get back to work, returns safely and gradually with the knowledge and skill set that provides them with the relevant tools and life skills that they will be able to deal with stress effectively.

Everyone is different with regards to how long it takes to return to work, it is not a matter of one glove fits all, in fact it is vital their return to work plan is bespoke and that the individual has access to regular contact to make sure that they are moving in the direction of health. We have worked with people who have returned back to a staggered work week within months to some that have taken much longer. Many of our previous clients prior to working with us had been ill for many years so we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in this field, in fact our owner and lead consultant Geoff Nicholson personally experienced this type of illness and was ill for in total of six years. His first experienced combined with the knowledge he has as a certified coach and therapist has lead him to create our program Stress IQ™ which we believe is the evolution of stress management. Reducing the return time to return back to work is vital to you as a company but it is also key for the individual who is ill, because they are unable to live a normal life, at the negative spiral that these people can get trapped in can only be broken once they understand why this has happened and what they can do to sort it out, this program is based on building self awareness and self reliance that they can deal with the situation quickly and effectively.

Why not book a consultation with us today and let’s get your staff back to work quicker and create a healthy happy and productive individual.

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