This 1 day workshop is designed to assist managers to manage stress and create resilience in their own lives but also to educate them on identifying stress within there departments or teams and giving them the skills required to provide a limited level of assistance expected in a leadership role.

Management who could be confronted with cases of stress must be able to create safe approachable environments that allow staff to feel they can be honest and open about their situation and confident that they will be supported or passed to occupational health for more advanced support.

We believe that in order for your leaders to be effective they need to understand how stress appears in their own lives and how to create resilience on a personal level so this will also be covered in the workshop. As with the level 1 workshop it also can include the additional support should it be required.

As this is a more in-depth workshop I would ideally like some additional information to assist us during the day.


  • Questionnaire: This will simply allow me to collect some basic information about them and to give participants an opportunity to share some challenges and additional information.

  • Profile (if available): A DISC profile or similar would be useful as it can give us valuable additional information and highlight areas that we may need to cover with the participants during the 2nd part of the day.