Have you ever noticed when you get stressed how you struggle to sleep, your energy suffers and you find it difficult to concentrate, your not as creative, you forget things, get ill more often and you just feel that you should be doing more with your life. You might be working your backside off during the week only to use the weekends to charge your batteries so you can face the up coming week, or you’re not spending the quality time with your family or friends because of how you feel.



Its time to change all that its time to learn the skills you need to increase your performance, productivity and wellbeing, to increase your confidence and learn how to deal with situations effectively, to be happier, more fulfilled and to have the energy to have fun with family and friends and the best way to a better you is with Stress IQ online.

I have been hired by people all over the world to share my knowledge and insights on how they can feel more in control, to be happier, outgoing, to be fully present and engaged with family & friends, to be more productive so they can reach higher levels of performance, which means you can reach your true potential, the strategies held within

The Program Includes:

  • 20+ How to Videos
    • These are all tried and tested strategies that I have personally used myself and with my clients.
    • The techniques and strategies are easy to implement into your life.
  • 20+ Exercises and Worksheets
    • Get clarity on what you need to do
    • Assists you in getting focused on what is important
  • Access to a private Forum
    • Join the community and have your questions answered with our private group support forum
  • Accessible 24/7
    • You can access the information anytime anywhere
    • Get it on your smart devices
    • Full Access for 12 Months
  • Unlimited Updates
    • Immediate access to new content when it becomes available at no extra cost

You are just a few moments away from creating massive positive change in your life, you can be confidence, happy, productive and reach levels of success that you only dreamed off, you can increase your energy, concentration and open yourself to your true potential, you can create and enjoy quality time filled with fun and laughter with your friends and family.

Take Action today and create a difference


Other benefits of this fantastic program:

  • Do it in your own time
    • Learn at your own pace
    • Access the relevant knowledge as an when you need it
  • Fast Results
    • These techniques can deliver results fast, some clients have been results in as little as 30mins
  • Discount
    • Get access to members only discounts to services and products.


Stress can stop you from achieving so much, it effects every aspect of your life from your health to your personality, it will impact on your home and work life.

Now is the time to take action


We understand the importance of long term success and know from our extensive experience that when it comes to stress and resilience that success comes from implementing and utilising effective strategies consistently. We also understand that peoples like the ability to learn at their own pace and to assist them in achieving this we have an online program that your employees can access at a time that suites them best and in the privacy of their own homes or anywhere else in the world as long as they have internet access.


This program is constantly evolving and because of our flexibility and versatility we are able to upload additional contact that our clients request as long as it is aligned with the programs and GN Coaching’s core goals and area of expertise. Stress IQ™ Online is full of how to videos, exercises and worksheets that guide users through techniques and strategies to reduce stress, increase resilience, confidence, self-esteem and personal success these tools have been used by our clients and personally tested by its creator Geoff Nicholson so we are confident they will benefit your organisation.

In addition to our videos and worksheets you also have access to a private forum where you can ask questions and discuss issues with each other and receive advise from the administrators who are always happy to offer support. Our future plans for this program include additional content from other experts in the field health and wellbeing to maximise positive impact to your business and workforce.

Success Coaching

Si-Q™ has been created to support you in achieving your goals, as a HPI (High Performing Individual) you strive to achieve success in your life, at GN Coaching we understand this and our Si-Q™ program has been designed to maximise your potential by incorporating the very best strategies and techniques in life and success coaching.

Si-Q™ focuses on the increasing your success intelligence and making sure that you maintain the highest levels of efficiency and performance while achieving a good strong balance between work and your personal life.


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Stress IQ Coaching

As a business owner whether your describe yourself as an Entrepreneur / Executive / CEO or something else, it is vital that you continually maintain an optimal level of performance and productivity because the success of your business or department is very much dependable on how effective you are.  I have worked with many successful individuals they have many skills that assist them in being effective but one they acknowledge is that they see the correlation of their mental state to there performance.

I am sure you strive to be successful to leave behind a legacy to be proud of but that success should not be at the cost of your personal health.  It has been my experience when I have worked with my clients no matter where they are in the world that stress can be seen by some as a sign of weakness or failing but in reality I believe that the people that suffer from severe levels of negative stress are actually the most ambitious and determined to create and live that success, what they sometimes lack is the knowledge that assists them in reducing the effects of negative stress and work smarter not harder.

Here are just some of the things that people with a Low Stress IQ™ may experience


  • Low levels of energy.
  • Unsettled or Un-Refreshing Sleep
  • Poor levels of concentration which can lead to costly or silly mistakes
  • Lack of Creativity 
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Increased frustration
  • Mood Swings
  • Immune system effected

How can you expect to manage a business effectively if you are not managing yourself as well as you could the great news is all of these symptoms can be traumatically reduced when the right strategies are implemented. This is why my Stress IQ™ is ideal for you, I have combined some the latest understandings of neuroscience and positive psychology philosophies which have been integrated with my coaching, consulting and therapeutic background to deliver state a state art program for individuals who strive to achieve more but also maintain a healthier body and mind

I offer several levels of service to fit all your needs and the program is bespoke because your are a unique individual and your program should be to. So if your ready to be serious about your success and your ready to take back control, increase your energy, creativity, performance, concentration and so much more then I look forward to hearing from you please email or call me and we can discuss they next step for you.

This Program is available in the UK, Europe, Canada, USA and Austrialia (International clients can access this service via Skype although for additional costs I am able to travel to your location (n/a USA), depending on trading and visa laws)


More and more companies are having to deal with the affects of staff who need lengthy periods of time off work, this is mainly due to their suffering of severe or chronic stress related conditions that have physical or non physical symptoms. The direct costs that your business may already be incurring or already have can be large. But the indirect cost are often invisible and considerably bigger.

  • Additional costs due to hiring and training temporary staff
  • Physical and Emotion Strains because of additional workload to compensate missing staff
  • Loss of talent/skills for the duration of absence
  • Pay for unproductive staff who are on long term sick
  • Risk of Litigation if your company is responsible for employees conditions
  • Increased insurance premiums Loss of productivity
  • Increase in Mistakes & Errors
  • Effectiveness in Leadership and Communication

At GN Coaching we understand how unsettled this period can be for both the business and the person who is unfit to work. Our founder Geoff Nicholson is a former sufferer of a long term stress related condition, he has worked with individuals from around the world who have suffered chronic conditions and needed to be on long term sick but are desperate to return back to normality.

Our Level 3 programs are designed to support you to get your staff who are suffering from long term stress related conditions back to work as quickly as possible in a way that benefits your business and employees who need to be healthy and fully functional in a working environment. To assist you in achieving this we have created two distinctive formats.

Option 1: This is a very intensive program especially at the beginning of the course and has a strict application process in order to make sure that participants are suitable, it involves a longer term support strategy which can easily be integrated into a structured return to work program that your occupational health and HR departments may of created. Over the years we have found that especially for severe stress cases the best results are achieved when the highly immersive program is spread over a two day period and then followed by a structured six month support which gives people the confidence that helps is only a phone call or an email away.

Option 2: This is a more traditional approach and focuses on regular 1:1 coaching sessions to support the participants to deal with situations and develop those core resilience skills they require to builds confidence and effective coping strategies for returning to work.

Please contact us to discuss how these programs can assist your company.


This 1 day workshop is perfect for inductions and educating staff at a general skills level. This fun and engaging workshop covers all the techniques delegates will need to feel confident in dealing with day to day challenges they may experience and enjoy a higher level of resilience.

The workshop is split into 2 parts, the morning focuses on the core skills from identifying the symptoms of stress and developing a stronger resilience, this is achieved via interactive discussions and exercises, during the afternoon we use real scenarios that delegates bring with them or we are able to use examples that are presented to us via your organisation, they are broken in to groups and then brought back for a whole group discussion to assist the groups learning.

You can also have additional features that you may feel is required to assist your workforces understanding and implementation.

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This 1 day workshop is designed to assist managers to manage stress and create resilience in their own lives but also to educate them on identifying stress within there departments or teams and giving them the skills required to provide a limited level of assistance expected in a leadership role.

Management who could be confronted with cases of stress must be able to create safe approachable environments that allow staff to feel they can be honest and open about their situation and confident that they will be supported or passed to occupational health for more advanced support.

We believe that in order for your leaders to be effective they need to understand how stress appears in their own lives and how to create resilience on a personal level so this will also be covered in the workshop. As with the level 1 workshop it also can include the additional support should it be required.

As this is a more in-depth workshop I would ideally like some additional information to assist us during the day.


  • Questionnaire: This will simply allow me to collect some basic information about them and to give participants an opportunity to share some challenges and additional information.

  • Profile (if available): A DISC profile or similar would be useful as it can give us valuable additional information and highlight areas that we may need to cover with the participants during the 2nd part of the day.